…And I’m back. 30 Day Writing Challenge Day 26


I’ve never thought of myself as the type of person who has a “type”. I like all kinds of people, and I suppose it depends on their purpose in my life too. I have different standards for friends, lovers, acquaintences, ect. I’m pretty sure this prompt is talking more about people you date though. Looking back, as far as dating goes, it seems like I’m into white guys with big heads. That sounds a little funny, but if you put em all in a line-up, that’s what you’d see! I always go for a person with a great sense of humor. As far as their job or financial situation, I’m not too concerned as long as they handle their own bills and at least have a job. I tend to like guys who are at least a little bit athletic, or if not into playing sports, at least into watching them. I’m not a fan of people who are consumed by sports, but a little competitive edge is fun. I’m a Michigan fan, and it seems like a majority of guys I’ve dated have been OSU fans, which makes that rivalry fun. I definitely prefer guys who like to do things outside, don’t mind being a bit frugal, but also know how to have a good time. I like to travel (especially road trip) so he’s gotta be down for that. Otherwise it’s pretty much on an individual basis. I tend to have a thing for redheads, but I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever dated one, so I can’t really add that to my list! Really it’s about the person. If we talk and there’s a spark, I dive deeper (when I’m single at least! I’ve been out of the dating market for over 5 1/2 years now!). But really it all comes down to the spark and if I connect with the person. Some parts of dating can be fun, but overall I think the process sucks, especially now. I don’t want to have some superficial conversation where you are trying to impress me only to find out months down the road that you were lying. I just want a person who is comfortable in his own skin and not afraid to be real. I’ve struggled to become that person and I’m finally there, so I want someone who can do the same.



30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 25


There are a lot of people who fascinate me, and for a variety of reasons. I’m just going to take some time to talk about JT’s friend Terry. Terry is my age…less than 30, and yet he still seems to know literally a little bit of everything. The guy has been a chef, meat cutter, personal trainer, plays guitar quite well, and recently gave me a short story he wrote that he wanted me to read and comment on. I’m pretty excited to read the story, as good as he is at everything else, I have to imagine his writing is pretty good too! I just can’t believe that someone so young has so much talent and so much ability. I’ve always prided myself of being the type of person who does a lot and who is always trying something new, but I feel like this guy has me beat. You name it, he’s done it. He’s also a father, which is a huge job in itself. I just have a lot of respect for the guy. Even though he’s done all of these things and is quite accomplished, he is very humble and has a great sense of humor. He’s a lot of fun to be around and he’s a valuable resource since he’s done so many things. Every time JT comes home and tells me something else Terry has done, it’s hard to even be surprised anymore. I feel like if it’s there to be done, Terry has done it…and if not, he probably will! I aspire to be that kind of person and I can honestly say I’ve spent the past few years branching out and trying to accomplish more.

With that being said, in about 3 hours I’m starting a road trip to Florida. That’s 16 hours straight in a car, so that should be fun. Luckily I love driving so its not a bad experience for me, just a little exhausting. Since I’ll be in Florida for a week, I doubt I’ll find much time for blogging, so expect some updates when I return!!!



30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 24


My favorite movie is Mystic River. I always liked this movie because it gets down to the depth of human experience where our little prejudices can make a difference in the lives of so many people. It all starts with a group of childhood friends.When Dave suffers sexual abuse, it ruins his life essentially. As could be expected, he is never the same after that. He’s kind of aloof and edgy, as one might be expected to be when they are assaulted as a child. Once the boys grow up, one of them (Jimmy) has a daughter named Katie who is found murdered. Somehow Dave becomes a suspect, and one of the other friends, Sean, is the detective on the case. Of course they don’t want to believe that their friend committed such a horrible crime, but they also want to get to the bottom of the mystery as quickly as possible. With that in mind, they form a lot of ideas in their mind just because of Dave’s strange actions. Even Dave’s wife gets to a point where she doesn’t believe his innocence anymore and it causes even more trauma in Dave’s life. The movie follows along as all of these men try to sort out their own issues to deal with the problem at hand. Between the devoted love of a father, a sexual abuse victim, and their determined friend, their lives get twisted in a mess that can’t be untangled. It really shows you how people turn on one another when it seems like it will benefit them. We all really need to be more open minded and understanding about those around us because we never really know what someone is going through. One assumption can ruin or even end someone’s life, so we should be very careful before reacting.


30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 23


Wow…5 famous guys I find attractive. This is a hard one. I’ve never been much of a gush over celebrities kind of person…but I’ll give it a go–in no particular order…


Gareth McGrillen. This guy is a bassist for a couple of bands, but the one I’ve known him best with is Pendulum. They are a drum and bass group out of Perth, Australia, and I’ve had the privilege of seeing him with them live. Not only that, but I caught his guitar pick, and I have it on a homemade paperclip chain choker. Ok…so that last part sounds a bit contradictory to what I said earlier about not being a gush over celebrities person…but yeah.


Adam Levine. Damn. He looks good in just about everything he wears…or doesn’t wear (haha!). It’s not just the way he looks though, he’s constantly gushing about how wonderful his wife and his kid are, and I gotta say, there’s a lot to be said about a good looking man who has no issue letting the world know how much he loves his girl. But yeah, Behati Prinsloo is one lucky lady!


Oh Mark Wahlberg. He’s just one of those guys who keeps getting better looking with age. I never really thought he was all that cute years ago, or even looking back at pics from when his career first got started, but the older he gets, the more attractive he gets. I’ll go see a movie with him in it if it means I get to stare for a while 😉


Blake Griffin. I don’t want to sound like some bigoted jerk here, but I’ve always considered my type to be “pasty white guys”…and redheads….and some combination of the two. Blake is a redhead, but I found out not too long ago that he’s also mixed…which is totally cool, I was just surprised to find that out considering my long running pattern of men that could use a little sun every now and then! Either way, regardless of what he is or isn’t, he looks good both on and off the court. And he seems like a total goofball, which is another bonus.

The Film Society Of Lincoln Center And AMC Celebration Of "Breaking Bad" Final Episodes

My last pick is Aaron Paul. The guy who played Jesse on Breaking Bad. I think it’s the eyes, I don’t know, but there’s something about this guy that just draws you in…even if he is cooking meth with his high school chem teacher!

Like I said, coming up with 5 was a bit of a challenge, but I can stick by all these choices. Who are your celeb crushes?


30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 22


How have I changed in the past 2 years. Wow…to consider this, I really have to think back to what I was even doing 2 years ago. I was working for the same company, but I didn’t have the same job. I was finishing up my associate’s degree and working toward my medical coding certification (which I’m still not using yet, yikes!). So with that being said, I got a new job that pays a lot more money. With that being the case, I cut down to part time, but with picking up everyone’s extra shifts while on vacation, I suppose I get close to full time hours (they still only charge me the full time rate for benefits! Bonus!)

I started doing a lot of volunteering. I shaved my head for childhood cancers. When I did that, somehow I faced a lot of opposition (weird, right?) but unlike I would have in the past, I didn’t let that stop me. I kept pushing that I felt it was the right thing to do, and seeing as it is my body, I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me otherwise. I adopted a new cat, because I felt like I had a lot of extra love to give. I started giving blood regularly, which I never thought I’d do because I hate needles.

I decided to get permanently sterilized, because I can’t ever think of a time in my life when I felt like having kids would ever be a good idea for me. I hated being a slave to the pill, which was wreaking havoc on my weight in its final years of use. Along with that, after surgery, I started working really hard to get some of that extra weight off, and I can proudly say I’m down 20 pounds. I have a long way to go, but it’s a start.

I started focusing a lot more on my spiritual life and found Buddhism. I now have a good solid place to be social too, which I desperately needed. The people in our sangha (community) are so welcoming and fun, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to associate with. In focusing on spiritual life, I’ve found my way back into art and creative expression, something I’d repressed for years using the excuse that I didn’t have time. Turns out those are things you have to make time for.

I took a few trips, namely to Florida (where I’m headed back to in 5 DAYS!!!) and Portland, OR. These trips really helped me to broaden my horizons and see some things that I don’t get to see a lot around home. You may think a vacation is no big deal, but I can honestly say I learned a lot about different cultures and people being away from home. One may not think of living in the Great Lakes region as a “culture” but it turns out it is. We act differently here than people in other places do, and it’s very apparent when you venture out. I’ve tried to bring some of the lessons I’ve learned back and try to be better. People in Portland are WAAAAAAYYYYY nicer overall than they are here. I’ve been trying to be nicer as a result.

Sometimes from day to day, it seems like nothing changes, yet when you look back, even in a period as short as 2 years, a lot of things are different!


30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 21


Its a little hard to talk about my favorite shows because to be honest, I’m not much of a TV person. I do watch the occasional Netflix, however, and I suppose I’ve grown to like a few shows there. I thought about discussing Shameless, especially since that’s kind of been all the rage lately, but then I decided to go back a little farther. Let’s talk about Breaking Bad!

I loved Breaking Bad, from beginning to end. Speaking of “end” that was one of the things I really loved about the show. It had a great ending. So many shows I’ve watched (*cough cough* Dexter *cough cough*) have been fantastic shows, but the endings are awful. Breaking Bad was one I could honestly say had a perfect ending.

Another thing was the dynamic characters. All too often, shows have very static characters. They are predictable. Breaking Bad showcased a lot of dynamic characters, like Skylar, who didn’t want to go along with her husband’s plan initially, but eventually not only came around to the idea, but started to help the cause.

TV usually doesn’t catch my interest very well, because personally I prefer to read where I can visualize the scenario the way I see fit. If a show can capture my interest from beginning to end, it’s probably really good. Breaking Bad has to be by far my favorite series so far, and I definitely recommend it!

What is your favorite series? I’m always open to suggestions!


30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 20


Education is a broader subject than one may think. I believe that education is one of the highest priorities, although that doesn’t always mean mainstream-public-elementary-middle school-high school-college-type education. Education just means learning in general, and that to me is essentially why we are here, and the only way to make things better than they are. I encourage everyone to be educated. Learn about a different culture or religion, learn a new skill, a new language, a new way of doing something. There is so much information out there that it’s a shame if we don’t take time to explore it.

So many people have various excuses for not educating themselves. It’s too hard to learn, they will never use the information, they don’t have the resources, they don’t agree with something, or they don’t have the time. All of these are garbage excuses. It’s not too hard to learn, you just have to put your mind to it. I mean maybe if you decided to take up quantum physics, it may take a little more for you to grasp, and you may never become a master at it, but it shouldn’t hurt your will to try! Give it a shot and you might be surprised. Everything isn’t for everyone, but until you try it you never know! As for not having resources, libraries are free, a majority of people have some access to internet, and even for those who can’t read or write, or those in poor areas, learn a skill from an older person, watch others, there’s always a way to learn something!

A big barrier to learning is not believing in something. A major example that comes to mind is Islam. In the United States today, there is a lot of hate toward Muslim people and the Islamic religion. Most of the people harboring this hate will simply spew what the media has said or just very simply “I don’t like them!” giving no real reason why. When you try to educate these people they don’t want to hear it. If the hate is so real, learning about the religion shouldn’t bother you at all. The truth is the hate is a mask, and people have no desire to learn the truth. If people would take the time to learn something, their hate might melt away. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s not worth knowing. I study all kinds of things, I ask lots of questions, and everything doesn’t resonate with me, but it doesn’t hurt me to know.

Not having time is another lame excuse. There is always time to learn. There are so many ways to learn that there is no reason not to. Too busy at work? Ask a coworker to teach you a new way to complete a task that might be more efficient. Too busy at home? Learn a new cleaning technique. Kids have you crazy? Teach them something, and in teaching them, you may learn something new as well!

Learning comes in so many forms! You can pick up a book, do a google search, go talk to grandma, people-watch, check out a youtube video, or even just try to figure something out for yourself like picking at guitar strings until something pretty happens! There’s not excuse not to learn and broaden your horizons. I challenge all of you to go learn something new every day. Whether its a new way to do something, or a fact about an old friend, I guarantee learning will enhance your life.

Mainstream “school” education is important to a degree, but if all you do is go to school and come home, you aren’t absorbing everything you can. I think school is a great starting block, but you have to enhance that learning with educational adventures of your own. This is how you become well-rounded and wise. Never stop learning no matter what your age or ability level. You won’t regret it!


30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 19


Disrespecting your parents is a no-go always in my opinion. However, the definition of respect may be skewed. Some people may see respect as just always going along faithfully with what someone has to say. Some see it as never bucking the system or always being submissive to a person. I don’t agree with this.

My mother is a gambling addict. She won’t admit it, but it’s easy for me to see how her life is falling down around her because of it. I have no problem telling her that her gambling is a problem. I have no problem throwing examples of her issue in her face just to try to get her to see reality. It’s not based in hatred or anything bad, it’s because I can see her destroying herself. I’ve been told many times that I am disrespectful toward her because I don’t just stand down. I’ve also been told I’m disrespectful by her because I won’t give her money when her addiction has taken it all.

In my opinion, in that case it would be more disrespectful to allow her to squander her life in such a manner without mentioning the problem. Outright disrespecting your parents is wrong, but there are ways that you can try to be helpful that come across as disrespectful. I think it is all about your intention. I don’t resort to name calling or physical violence, but I won’t hesitate to loudly state that I don’t agree with what is going on. Some may misconstrue that as disrespect, but I believe that it is merely love showing through. I wish I could actually help her and make her see what is going on, but that is for her realization. All I can do is make it very clear what I see from the outside and hope that some day she realizes what she is doing. I’ll always be supportive of her, but not her addiction.

On another note, however, I do think it is disrespectful for a child (of any age) to do things that make the family look bad. For example if you get caught drunk driving, that is disrespectful to your parents assuming they raised you not to do such a thing. Same goes for stealing, murder, or anything else that’s harming others. Most of the time our parents do not teach us that such things are ok, and it is disrespectful to upstanding parents to go out and do such careless activities. We should want to make our families proud just as much as ourselves. Sometimes our families will never take pride in us, and that is a bummer, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to be the best we can be.

Sometimes we have differing thoughts from our parents. Maybe our father is a KKK member. Not being a part of the organization may be seen as “disrespecting” our father. However, in a case like this, I feel that it is more important to respect the human race. Our loyalty to our family shouldn’t be so strong that we are willing to hurt others. It can be a very fine line between respect and doing what is right. Ultimately at the end of the day you have to answer to yourself, so if you can live with your decisions, that’s the true test of whether or not you have made the right one.


30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 18


Oh boy. My beliefs. I think I’ve touched quite a bit on this subject throughout my blog, but in thinking about it, I also suppose that not all beliefs have to have any kind of religious content. With that being said, here we go:

I believe that we all need to start being nicer to each other. Why do we always feel the need to make some shitty comment about another person? I feel like in a majority of the interactions we have with people throughout the day, we have to say something negative about another person. I think we can all be better than that and it’s our duty to do so. Let’s not act like we aren’t all shitty people from time to time. None of us are perfect so let’s quit acting like it.

I believe that we should share the joys of others. I have a cousin who’s girlfriend is pregnant and they are very excited. I’m not a big fan of kids, but since they are excited I want to be excited with them. I tried to share the news with my mom and all I got was negativity–his divorce is barely final, he isn’t married to the girlfriend, my mom barely knows his other kid, so who cares about this one…ect. What a shame. He’s not asking any of us to raise or support the kid, he’s happy, and that’s really all the matters, right? Why do we have to be so negative when other people experience joy? We want them to delight in our joys, so we should meet them half way.

I believe we should all have a cause or causes to work for. Mine is typically animal welfare. I volunteer at the Humane Society. Sure, it makes my schedule a little more busy than I would like, but the animals need someone to care for them and I can do that. Maybe your cause is children, the hungry, the homeless, whatever it is, pick something and care about it.

I believe that instead of taxes as they are today, we should be able to allocate a percentage of our income to the services we feel are necessary. We need taxes to fund public services, but I think it should be up to us how that money is allocated.

I believe that we need to take better care of our bodies. I mean from a societal level. It’s hard to eat right and exercise when there are awful nasty products being pushed in our direction. Not only do places push these gross things, they lie about what is in them. Why don’t we want to take care of ourselves? We have to live in these bodies, we might as well take care of them. Organic food should be on the forefront and it should be cheaper. This chemical laden garbage that we are consuming shouldn’t even be a thing. We should want the healthier options. We should also want to be active. If you are able bodied, why not get out and do something instead of sitting around all the time?

I believe that we all should have opportunities to travel. It is important to know and understand what we can about other cultures. It doesn’t have to be somewhere half way around the world, go check out a different part of your own country or state where people are a little different. You might be surprised at what you find. And with that being said, be respectful of other cultures while you are there.

That’s just a few things I believe, but I could go on all day. What are some of your core beliefs, religious or not?



30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 17


Highs and lows of this year. Well, we’re only about 1/3 of the way through it, but a lot has happened since the beginning of the year. A lot, and at the same thing absolutely nothing at all.


I discovered the Buddhist temple, where I have been focusing on my spiritual life and meeting new friends. It’s been nice to make some connections since that’s been a little hard for me lately.

I’m planning a trip to Florida, and I leave in 2 weeks. Very exciting stuff for me as I love a good road trip and travel time. Also, that means I get to spend a full week with JT, which almost never happens anymore.

I’ve been getting bits and pieces of my creative side back which has been refreshing. It’s been hard because I haven’t had a lot of time, but I’ve found myself trying to make time and prioritize for things that really matter. It’s been nice.

I’ve been working a lot, which means being able to stay on top of my bills for the most part, which is always a good thing. Student loans really suck, but I signed up for them, so I’m just doing my duty to pay back.


Working a lot is great, but sometimes you need a break, and boy do I need one. I feel like my relationship with JT is suffering because of the little time we get to spend together. It’s not suffering like things are bad, it’s suffering like things are indifferent. We both have to take care of things in our life, and often times that means not being able to focus on “us”, which can be really hard sometimes.

My car needs a few pricey repairs right now and I just don’t quite have the funds to take care of everything at the moment. I’m just trying to drive as little as possible until I can figure out what I’m going to do.

I’ve been a little overwhelmed by my schedule lately, because I have all of these things I need to do, more things I want to do, and very little energy to do anything. I’d say that I don’t have time, but that isn’t entirely true. I have the hours in the day, but I can’t physically stay awake that long to do things. Swing shifts have ruined my sleep schedule all the way around.

Honestly, when I look at everything, I can’t complain about what’s going on in my life. If being too busy is the worst thing going on, I should be grateful. I have things and people in my life that want and need me, which is great! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings me!