A memoir?

So I knew I wanted to blog today, but I was struggling with a topic. In roughly 10 days, I promised my writer’s group that I would have some sort of piece written in regards to my move from Ohio to Florida. I wasn’t sure what to call it…maybe an essay, or even a memoir of sorts? I don’t know, I just wanted to kind of put my thoughts on paper about what Ohio has been to me, and how I relate to it as I go, and what expectations or ideas I have for my new home. I’ve spent a ton of time free writing, just to get thoughts onto a page where I can analyze and put such a piece together. I started working on said piece and got to somewhere around 6 pages until I realized that the piece took a total turn from where I had actually wanted it to go. I thought about scrapping it because it’s not the piece I wanted to present to my group. But then I started to chastise myself a bit for not allowing the piece to be what it was. That’s kind of the point of writing, right? We can’t always make it what we want it to be, sometimes it just becomes what it is. Now I’m thinking about keeping that piece, continuing it, and using it as a piece by itself. That would give me the space to start something new that I can present to my group that’s maybe more along the lines of what I was shooting for. This way I still preserve the piece that flowed out of me unintentionally, but I can try a little harder to get out the ideas along the outline I had originally perceived. The original piece might be something that I would share here eventually, maybe it would be of interest to some of you, but I definitely think the piece I present to my group has to follow a slightly different pattern. I had no intention on letting them into the depths of my life, but that’s where the piece went. I was looking more for something light and superficial more about the actual cities I’m moving between than actually about my life. Sometimes I suppose that it’s necessary for those deep pieces to emerge, as it has a sort of healing effect. I’m going to continue to work on that piece, as I open a new one. We’ll see where the thoughts flow this time.


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