30 Day Writing Challenge–Final day!


Well today is day 30. And it’s the 30th….which means there’s only one more day left in the month, so I suppose it’s the perfect day to talk about highs and lows for the month. I always like to start with the negative and progress to the positive, so here goes…


I’m really freaking broke. I’m used to it, but man does it suck. May/June is always the worst time of year for me and money, so I’m just stewing in the broke-ness.

I missed the Memorial Day parade with my grandma for the first time in years. There’s some feuding going on in my family so we haven’t talked much, and since she never asked about it, I kind of forgot and scheduled myself for volunteering at the Humane Society. At least I did something good instead though, right?

Our union contract passed at work, and it really sucks. I didn’t vote for it, but that doesn’t matter now…

It hadn’t rained in Florida for 6 months, until we showed up. Storm on beach day…it was still fun but I wish I could have done some ocean kayaking!


I went on vacation to Florida again! Hopefully next time will be for good.

I really haven’t had to work much, which has been nice.

I did a lot of volunteering this month.

I’ve lost a bit more weight, even though I’ve kinda been slacking off on the calorie counting and working out thing. Still doing it, just not being as strict with myself, but sometimes a little break is good.

How was your May????



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