30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 29


Phew. Only one more day to go, then I can get back to blogging about random topics again. Not that I don’t love writing challenges, I do, hence the reason I chose this one, but after a while, I start to get bored of structure, ya know?

Let’s see…goals for the next 30 days, which pretty much means the month of June. I’m working a lot so unfortunately I’m not going to have time to do a lot, but here’s what I’m hoping for.

  1. Finish my Jukai reading. That’s 3 1/2 books. Totally do-able.
  2. Finalize plans for my birthday, including 2 Spose shows and a trip to Chi-town.
  3. Get my house organized and get rid of excess crap.
  4. Sell some of the excess crap I find around the house.
  5. Get my car in for service.
  6. Get my cats their shots.
  7. Spend time outside.
  8. Keep my Humane Society volunteer hours up.
  9. Plan some fun “date nights” with JT.
  10. Get some of my coding CEUs up to date.

And that’s pretty much it. I think 10 goals for a month is plenty. Especially in a month that’s already so busy. June is never a good month for me when it comes to time and money. The checks always seem to be spaced out funny so  I don’t have extra cash, and I always work a ton because people start taking more vacation time. Ultimately that works out, because I’m able to catch up on the bills, but it kind of sucks for a few weeks. Pretty excited for what’s to come though, once August rolls around, I’ll be looking for jobs DOWN SOUTH!!! Pretty excited for that if nothing else.




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