30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 25


There are a lot of people who fascinate me, and for a variety of reasons. I’m just going to take some time to talk about JT’s friend Terry. Terry is my age…less than 30, and yet he still seems to know literally a little bit of everything. The guy has been a chef, meat cutter, personal trainer, plays guitar quite well, and recently gave me a short story he wrote that he wanted me to read and comment on. I’m pretty excited to read the story, as good as he is at everything else, I have to imagine his writing is pretty good too! I just can’t believe that someone so young has so much talent and so much ability. I’ve always prided myself of being the type of person who does a lot and who is always trying something new, but I feel like this guy has me beat. You name it, he’s done it. He’s also a father, which is a huge job in itself. I just have a lot of respect for the guy. Even though he’s done all of these things and is quite accomplished, he is very humble and has a great sense of humor. He’s a lot of fun to be around and he’s a valuable resource since he’s done so many things. Every time JT comes home and tells me something else Terry has done, it’s hard to even be surprised anymore. I feel like if it’s there to be done, Terry has done it…and if not, he probably will! I aspire to be that kind of person and I can honestly say I’ve spent the past few years branching out and trying to accomplish more.

With that being said, in about 3 hours I’m starting a road trip to Florida. That’s 16 hours straight in a car, so that should be fun. Luckily I love driving so its not a bad experience for me, just a little exhausting. Since I’ll be in Florida for a week, I doubt I’ll find much time for blogging, so expect some updates when I return!!!




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