30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 24


My favorite movie is Mystic River. I always liked this movie because it gets down to the depth of human experience where our little prejudices can make a difference in the lives of so many people. It all starts with a group of childhood friends.When Dave suffers sexual abuse, it ruins his life essentially. As could be expected, he is never the same after that. He’s kind of aloof and edgy, as one might be expected to be when they are assaulted as a child. Once the boys grow up, one of them (Jimmy) has a daughter named Katie who is found murdered. Somehow Dave becomes a suspect, and one of the other friends, Sean, is the detective on the case. Of course they don’t want to believe that their friend committed such a horrible crime, but they also want to get to the bottom of the mystery as quickly as possible. With that in mind, they form a lot of ideas in their mind just because of Dave’s strange actions. Even Dave’s wife gets to a point where she doesn’t believe his innocence anymore and it causes even more trauma in Dave’s life. The movie follows along as all of these men try to sort out their own issues to deal with the problem at hand. Between the devoted love of a father, a sexual abuse victim, and their determined friend, their lives get twisted in a mess that can’t be untangled. It really shows you how people turn on one another when it seems like it will benefit them. We all really need to be more open minded and understanding about those around us because we never really know what someone is going through. One assumption can ruin or even end someone’s life, so we should be very careful before reacting.



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