30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 22


How have I changed in the past 2 years. Wow…to consider this, I really have to think back to what I was even doing 2 years ago. I was working for the same company, but I didn’t have the same job. I was finishing up my associate’s degree and working toward my medical coding certification (which I’m still not using yet, yikes!). So with that being said, I got a new job that pays a lot more money. With that being the case, I cut down to part time, but with picking up everyone’s extra shifts while on vacation, I suppose I get close to full time hours (they still only charge me the full time rate for benefits! Bonus!)

I started doing a lot of volunteering. I shaved my head for childhood cancers. When I did that, somehow I faced a lot of opposition (weird, right?) but unlike I would have in the past, I didn’t let that stop me. I kept pushing that I felt it was the right thing to do, and seeing as it is my body, I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me otherwise. I adopted a new cat, because I felt like I had a lot of extra love to give. I started giving blood regularly, which I never thought I’d do because I hate needles.

I decided to get permanently sterilized, because I can’t ever think of a time in my life when I felt like having kids would ever be a good idea for me. I hated being a slave to the pill, which was wreaking havoc on my weight in its final years of use. Along with that, after surgery, I started working really hard to get some of that extra weight off, and I can proudly say I’m down 20 pounds. I have a long way to go, but it’s a start.

I started focusing a lot more on my spiritual life and found Buddhism. I now have a good solid place to be social too, which I desperately needed. The people in our sangha (community) are so welcoming and fun, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to associate with. In focusing on spiritual life, I’ve found my way back into art and creative expression, something I’d repressed for years using the excuse that I didn’t have time. Turns out those are things you have to make time for.

I took a few trips, namely to Florida (where I’m headed back to in 5 DAYS!!!) and Portland, OR. These trips really helped me to broaden my horizons and see some things that I don’t get to see a lot around home. You may think a vacation is no big deal, but I can honestly say I learned a lot about different cultures and people being away from home. One may not think of living in the Great Lakes region as a “culture” but it turns out it is. We act differently here than people in other places do, and it’s very apparent when you venture out. I’ve tried to bring some of the lessons I’ve learned back and try to be better. People in Portland are WAAAAAAYYYYY nicer overall than they are here. I’ve been trying to be nicer as a result.

Sometimes from day to day, it seems like nothing changes, yet when you look back, even in a period as short as 2 years, a lot of things are different!



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