30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 21


Its a little hard to talk about my favorite shows because to be honest, I’m not much of a TV person. I do watch the occasional Netflix, however, and I suppose I’ve grown to like a few shows there. I thought about discussing Shameless, especially since that’s kind of been all the rage lately, but then I decided to go back a little farther. Let’s talk about Breaking Bad!

I loved Breaking Bad, from beginning to end. Speaking of “end” that was one of the things I really loved about the show. It had a great ending. So many shows I’ve watched (*cough cough* Dexter *cough cough*) have been fantastic shows, but the endings are awful. Breaking Bad was one I could honestly say had a perfect ending.

Another thing was the dynamic characters. All too often, shows have very static characters. They are predictable. Breaking Bad showcased a lot of dynamic characters, like Skylar, who didn’t want to go along with her husband’s plan initially, but eventually not only came around to the idea, but started to help the cause.

TV usually doesn’t catch my interest very well, because personally I prefer to read where I can visualize the scenario the way I see fit. If a show can capture my interest from beginning to end, it’s probably really good. Breaking Bad has to be by far my favorite series so far, and I definitely recommend it!

What is your favorite series? I’m always open to suggestions!



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