30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 20


Education is a broader subject than one may think. I believe that education is one of the highest priorities, although that doesn’t always mean mainstream-public-elementary-middle school-high school-college-type education. Education just means learning in general, and that to me is essentially why we are here, and the only way to make things better than they are. I encourage everyone to be educated. Learn about a different culture or religion, learn a new skill, a new language, a new way of doing something. There is so much information out there that it’s a shame if we don’t take time to explore it.

So many people have various excuses for not educating themselves. It’s too hard to learn, they will never use the information, they don’t have the resources, they don’t agree with something, or they don’t have the time. All of these are garbage excuses. It’s not too hard to learn, you just have to put your mind to it. I mean maybe if you decided to take up quantum physics, it may take a little more for you to grasp, and you may never become a master at it, but it shouldn’t hurt your will to try! Give it a shot and you might be surprised. Everything isn’t for everyone, but until you try it you never know! As for not having resources, libraries are free, a majority of people have some access to internet, and even for those who can’t read or write, or those in poor areas, learn a skill from an older person, watch others, there’s always a way to learn something!

A big barrier to learning is not believing in something. A major example that comes to mind is Islam. In the United States today, there is a lot of hate toward Muslim people and the Islamic religion. Most of the people harboring this hate will simply spew what the media has said or just very simply “I don’t like them!” giving no real reason why. When you try to educate these people they don’t want to hear it. If the hate is so real, learning about the religion shouldn’t bother you at all. The truth is the hate is a mask, and people have no desire to learn the truth. If people would take the time to learn something, their hate might melt away. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s not worth knowing. I study all kinds of things, I ask lots of questions, and everything doesn’t resonate with me, but it doesn’t hurt me to know.

Not having time is another lame excuse. There is always time to learn. There are so many ways to learn that there is no reason not to. Too busy at work? Ask a coworker to teach you a new way to complete a task that might be more efficient. Too busy at home? Learn a new cleaning technique. Kids have you crazy? Teach them something, and in teaching them, you may learn something new as well!

Learning comes in so many forms! You can pick up a book, do a google search, go talk to grandma, people-watch, check out a youtube video, or even just try to figure something out for yourself like picking at guitar strings until something pretty happens! There’s not excuse not to learn and broaden your horizons. I challenge all of you to go learn something new every day. Whether its a new way to do something, or a fact about an old friend, I guarantee learning will enhance your life.

Mainstream “school” education is important to a degree, but if all you do is go to school and come home, you aren’t absorbing everything you can. I think school is a great starting block, but you have to enhance that learning with educational adventures of your own. This is how you become well-rounded and wise. Never stop learning no matter what your age or ability level. You won’t regret it!



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