30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 16


Mainstream music…Well, I’ll admit, I do listen to the radio, so I’m not at all opposed to mainstream music. I hate all the commercials on the radio, but I do respect that the music is brought to us through that medium at no cost to us. I don’t judge music or songs based on how popular they are, so that’s really not an issue for me. There are a lot of cases where I find mainstream music to be a little boring because a lot of it sounds the same, but that can’t be said for everything. I get a lot of my music through listening to Pandora on shuffle with stations for a few of my favorite bands. More often than not, some new stuff that I never would have heard on the radio pops up. Most of that stuff isn’t mainstream or at least isn’t extremely mainstream. A lot of it is bands people might have heard a song or two from and largely ignored. Even though I do enjoy mainstream music, I love any opportunity to support some small-time awesome artist that doesn’t get the recognition they should. I have a lot of smaller scale rappers like Spose and Watsky  on my list of favorites, as well as some more indie/alternative/rock/psychadelic kind of stuff like Glass Animals, Chet Faker, Greg Laswell, and Lord Huron. Then I get a little more mainstream, but still a touch obscure like Guster, Alt-J, USS or Bassnectar and then I go full-on mainstream with stuff like The Lumineers, Eminem, and Kid Cudi. Also, I’m terrible with labeling genres so if I’m off on how I described any of this I’m sorry, all I know is that when I hear good music, I recognize and listen. I don’t pay much attention to all the labels and just try to get out there and hear as much as I can. I had an old friend that tried to say that if you didn’t limit yourself to one genre as your favorite than you were a “poser”. I totally disagree with that statement. He was all about electronic music, and while that’s great, I feel like he might have been missing out. If you want to limit yourself to a specific genre, that’s on you, but I could never see myself being that person. I love variety and I love that there is always something out there that will fit my mood. Mainstream or not isn’t a priority for me, but giving good credit where credit is due very much is. I hate that good art (including music of course) is such a money game. They aren’t even selling the music anymore, they are selling sex, looks, drama, and gossip columns. Sometimes it can be refreshing to listen to some music that’s less mainstream just because the focus is on the music and not all of the surrounding garbage.


What are some of your favorite bands? I can always use some new ideas!




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