30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 15


Well, I can honestly say that I haven’t used Tumblr in quite some time. With that being said, I’m going to highlight a few of of my favorite blogs right here on WordPress!

1.This Tiny Blue House

2.The Wandering Broski

3.Jay Colby

These three have to be my top favorites! I believe This Tiny Blue House was the first blog I came across when I joined WordPress. Jenny shares a lot about her life, frugal lifestyle, parenting, and her family. I really like this page because of Jenny’s honesty. She shares a lot of things that are not easy to share, and I admire that. She also posts a lot of things that help those of us who are also trying to live more frugally. I thank her for her posts, as many of them have been very helpful for me and also because I enjoy her writing style in making her readers feel like a part of her life.

Michael’s blog The Wandering Broski documents his travels across the world. I enjoy hearing about a lot of the places that are on my bucket list and using the posts to gather more information about places I’d like to see. There are usually pictures included with the posts, and it really helps to make readers feel like they are right there in the middle of the travels. Definitely worth the read!

Jay Colby is a new blogger to me. I just recently liked his blog last week or so, but I’ve found many of his posts to be thought provoking and interesting. Much of what he talks about pertains to things that I have been thinking about or going through in my own life. If nothing else, the blog is a springboard for discussion. I like that a lot. Not enough people want to talk about anything of substance anymore, and to actually have an opportunity to read about and discuss real world issues is important to me. And when I say “real world issues” I don’t mean Donald Trump, the Kardashians, or the unrest in the world that is all over the news (there’s already enough discussion about that!) but actual issues that we face as human beings in the real world day to day. Those issues are often swept under the carpet as all of the media issues are shoved down our throats. Real world discussion is important!

So there’s some of my favorite blogs, and the reasons why. I encourage you to go check out some of my fellow bloggers. There’s a lot of good information out there!



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