30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 14


I can’t remember exactly what my very first memory was, but I can definitely go over a few good ones I remember from the beginning.

I remember the first time I was reading and actually knew what I was doing. It was a book called Henry Babysits and I walked into the living room reading it to my mom. I was very young, and I remember her just looking at me like, “What did you say? Are you actually reading that?” And I was 🙂

I remember my mom teaching me to tie my shoes. We were listening to Lee Greenwood on my dad’s really big stereo system. Just as I was about to get my shoe tied, one of the speakers blew and scared the shit out of me. Pretty sure I was traumatized to the point that it took me a while to care about learning to tie shoes again!

I also remember being really young and my cousins from Oklahoma came home! We were piled into my uncle’s van and I remember being in a parking lot at a mall that is no longer there. All of us kids were singing Mary Jane’s Last Dance…and none of us actually knew what that song was about then!

Those three specifically stick out to me as potential first memories. It’s hard to tell now, because at the time when your memory is logging these things, it doesn’t know how to process when each thing happened. Some parts of my childhood were great and a lot of fun. I also had some extremely shitty parts of childhood, but lucky for me, most of the memories I retain vividly are the good ones! While the bad ones are definitely still there, I can honestly say I don’t “feel” them like I feel the good ones. What are some of your childhood memories?


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