30 Day Writing Challenge-day 12


I’m writing this in the afternoon, so anything past 4:30 is speculation. Luckily being I’m at work, I can pretty much guess what I’ll be doing throughout the day. So here it goes

12am: I’m still at work, on the downslide of a 12 hour shift. I go help out another unit in the hospital from 12-1, so that’s where I’m headed.

1am: Done with my work downstairs, so I pop up to see my mom (she works at the same hospital I do, so I visit her when I have some down time).

1:20am: Back to my unit, I should probably finish up the work I need to do. I find out that one of the patients we were supposed to get is no longer coming, so I decide to read a little bit of the book I brought, The Shadow Rising. The book is almost 1000 pages, and I only had about 50 pages left, so I was determined to finish it last night.

2am: I realize I forgot to make supply baskets for the nurses (one of my few job requirements at night), so I decided to do that really quick.

2:15am: Back to reading, this is important stuff!

3:22am: Get ready to pack up and leave, get my paperwork in order and gather all of my stuff.

3:26am: Did I mention my dad works at the same place too? I go upstairs and join him while he finishes his lunch break and then he walks me to my car so I don’t have to be out in the parking lot alone at night. How thoughtful of him!

4:25am: Finally arrive home. Take a few Valerian root capsules, a quick shower, and head off to bed.

7:30am: JT wakes me up for breakfast. Lack of sleep sucks, but not getting to see your boyfriend often enough sucks more. I like having breakfast with him, so I forgo the sleep for that. After breakfast, he decides to shave his beard off and leave just a mustache. I have to admit, I’m not a fan!

8:30am: Finally get back to sleep…just a few more hours.

12:30pm: First alarm goes off, reset until 1pm.

1pm: Second alarm goes off, reset until 1:30.

1:30pm: Third alarm goes off, reset until 2pm.

1:59pm: Screw it, I’m up. Shut off alarm and talk to the cat for a few minutes

2:10pm: I should probably eat something…maybe I’ll make mac n cheese. Fill up a pan with water and remember I used the last of the milk yesterday. No mac n cheese for me. How about 2 halos? And I have a coupon for a gas station roll-up thing, so maybe I’ll stop and get that on the way to work.

2:20pm: Start dressing for work, realize there’s nothing in my house that I even remotely want to take for dinner tonight, so I start thinking about what I can order. Probably Jimmy Johns. Download a few Guster albums to put on my iPod.

2:30pm: Time to get going, especially if I want to stop at the gas station. Gather all of my stuff, including my shopping bags, because I think I want to go shopping when I get off work tonight so I don’t have to do it tomorrow on my day off. I get out the door and forget my gas station coupon. Better grab it.

2:38pm: Get to the gas station, and they don’t have the pepper jack roll-up I was hoping for. Settled for spicy cheesesteak. Not sure why they have flavors anyway, they all taste the same! I’m waiting for a lady to get done taking forever with the chili cheese machine so I can get some. While waiting I notice the gas station has a new Red Velvet milkshake. As tempted as I was, I didn’t get one, but I made a mental note to come back later.

2:42pm: Back in the car and off to work. Kind of surprised it’s only been 4 minutes. That chili cheese lady was taking forever.

2:50pm: Scan the parking lot and try to find a spot. Coming in at 3 makes parking an absolute nightmare. I found a spot somewhere near the 5th row back. It’s a little chilly to be walking that far without a real jacket. My bad!

2:56pm: Clock in, change shoes, get updates to start my work day. Talk to the co-worker I’m replacing for a good 45 minutes, get all of the phone lists and patient information updated, check e-mail, read some news, and order Jimmy Johns so it will be ready for my dinner tonight.

4:16pm: Decide it’s time for some blogging, read a few wordpress pages including The Wandering Broski and wwellend two of my favorite blogs. Then I decide to start working on this post. I realize how much happens in a day, even when most of it is little things.

4:45pm: Start milling around in work stuff to make myself look busy for a little while. Answer some phone calls, check my bank accounts since I get paid at 3am, make sure I have everything set as far as what bills I need to pay.

6:53pm: Head into the break room for shift change report. After this things get back to normal. From this point forward, it’s like a normal 8 hour shift. Just forget about the past 4 hours and go from here. Bonus, since I worked 12 hours I get a longer lunch. Yahoo.

7:10pm: Get all of the beginning of shift stuff done, putting phone lists together and making sure all of my paperwork is in order. Wish lunch time was closer. Getting hungry.

8pm: Start stocking rooms with supplies. That will help the time go by quicker.

8:45pm: On the lookout for Jimmy Johns. My order said it would be delivered between 8:45-9.

9pm: Lunch break time. Scarf down my sub as quickly as possible so I can spend the rest of the hour reading.

10:20pm: Consider going back to work. My technical lunch was over at 10, but since I still answer phone calls and occasionally the door while I’m on my lunch break, I allow myself a few extra minutes, and of course I can’t leave in the middle of a chapter.

11:20pm: My dad should be showing up shortly to say hi, and possibly drop off his lunch if he didn’t leave it upstairs with my mom.

11:45pm: Start tying up loose ends so I can head downstairs to help out the second floor again…..


…..And that’s my day!



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