30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 11


10 songs from my iPod on shuffle:

1. Strong as an Oak– Watsky

2. Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt. 2– Watsky

3. Car Radio– Twenty One Pilots

4. Starving– Hailee Steinfeld & Grey

5. Bloodflood– Alt-J

6. Hot Blood– Kaleo

7. Nobody– Spose ft. Watsky

8. Left Hand Free– Alt-J

9. So Much To Say– Dave Matthews Band

10. Georgia– Vance Joy

Wow…this was a great shuffle. I wish the songs came up like this when I’m actually listening! There’s a lot of Watsky in there, probably because he’s one of my favorites. I especially love that Nobody came up, because that one is a song by Spose, which features Watsky, meaning two of my favorites collaborating, which is nothing short of awesome.

I see a couple Alt-J pieces in there as well, which is lovely chill artsy music, and also great for late night drives.

Car Radio is the first song that got me hooked on Twenty One Pilots, who I had the joy of seeing with my best friend in Portland, Oregon last year. Definitely one of the best times of my life!

Starving is just one of those songs I can’t stop singing when it comes on the radio!

I’ve really been getting into Kaleo a lot, I like their style, which differs a little between songs, but I like that too. They just have a nice vibe and flow.

Dave Matthews is always a good standby. I’ve always liked his music and it helps me get work done! Great for those days when you just want to focus on cleaning your house but you want to enjoy doing it.

Vance Joy is another one of my favorite artists as well. This was the first song of his I heard that wasn’t on the radio, and I’m glad I decided to take a closer look at his music. I found some stuff I really liked.

This list barely even touches on my musical variety. I like so much music from so many different styles, artists, genres, and eras. What are your favorite songs/artists?





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