30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 8


Man, today is a tough one. A moment I felt most satisfied with my life. I could think of a lot of points for this one. The only thing is though, with all of this Buddhist stuff I’ve been doing, its been helping me learn to be satisfied with my life no matter where it takes me. Honestly, I can say I was pretty damn satisfied this afternoon. I went to my niece’s 9th birthday party, and spent a lot of time talking with my father in law who lives about 4 hours away. We had some fun conversation and I loved watching my niece’s face light up as she opened her gifts. I left the party and went straight to the gym. I noticed on my way there that the sun was so bright and the air was the perfect temperature. The distance from the party to the gym wasn’t very long so I didn’t get to enjoy the outside for long. I went in and busted out my workout, took a nice shower and even got a massage. When I left, I decided to drive the long  way home just so I could ride around with the windows down. I was blasting Kaleo and just enjoying the sun and the breeze. I decided to stop by JT’s work and grab something to eat and say hi. When I got home, I ate my food, listened to a few more tunes, did my dishes, and sat on the porch to read a chapter of a book I’ve been reading. I was starting to get a little sleepy (I worked last night, and I’m at work now), so I took about an hour nap before getting up to come in for my shift. It really hit me through that, life really is what you make it. Today was a simple day, nothing too out of the ordinary, but it was glorious. Like I said, I could list a thousand moments where I’ve had these same thoughts. It’s not the day that’s bad, it’s the thoughts you have about it. I felt great today. I know every day won’t feel as nice, but that’s the beauty of it, gives you something to look forward to. It doesn’t take a lot to be satisfied with your life, but if you let yourself get bogged down with bullshit, it can take a lot out of you. Hope all of you can have some satisfying moments yourself!



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