30 Day Writing Challenge–Day 7


I’ve always liked astrology. Whether or not I totally buy into it is another thing, but it can be fun and interesting nonetheless. I’m a Cancer. Cancers are the moody ones, the emotional, the homebodies, the mothers, the caregivers. I can honestly say that to some degree I relate to that. While I have zero desire to be a mother to human babies, I tend to be the “friend mom” in my group and always have been. I was always the one to drive to and from parties making sure everyone got home safe, and that no one went to sleep without a blanket, or no one forgot their phone, or whatever else they might have needed. I can be moody sometimes, though I tend to bottle my emotions up a lot. Just because I don’t show them doesn’t mean they aren’t there though. I just put a lot of walls up, which I suppose is a bit “emotional” in its own right. I do volunteer a lot and love to help out where I can, but I can’t say that’s always within my comfort zone. Even when I’m not comfortable with it though, I try to reach out and be helpful, even if it peaks my anxiety a bit.

Now there are parts of myself that my Cancer self would be appalled by. I’m not the moody ridiculous girlfriend. I don’t cry all the time, I don’t like chick flicks, and I’m not the one to always play on my emotional side. A majority of the time I’m quite rational, which goes against everything the Cancer sign stands for. I’m not this soft tender-hearted little flower, but I’m not a steel cage either. I do have emotions and I do have rational thoughts, but I try to distinguish where each makes the most sense. You really do need to have a good balance. I guess that’s where my Libra father comes in! I must have gotten some of that from him.

Astrology can be fun and interesting, but one has to be careful not to get so caught up in it that they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Unfortunately some people who are hooked on their horoscope readings can end up making some pretty shitty decisions just because they read into their horoscope too much. Or end up being really depressed when they don’t find the love of their life at the end of May like Cosmo said they would. It’s fun to just look at it and examine it loosely, but it can definitely be taken too far. I definitely fit most of the traits of a Cancer though, and that’s pretty cool.



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