30 Day Writing Challenge Day 3


Hmmm…Drugs and alcohol. I have a lot of thoughts on these things. Overall, I can’t say that I have a “problem” with drugs and alcohol. A lot of people abuse these things, that is true, but that can be said for a variety of other things too. People abuse food, sex, other people, gambling, and the list goes on. Drugs and alcohol aren’t the problem, the mindset around them are the problem in my opinion. Since I was 16, I’ve dabbled in things here or there. I have never used IV drugs, nor would I, because the risks are too great. I don’t feel like stabbing myself, for one, also, disease rates with IV drugs are ridiculous. That’s just a little too intense for me. I’ve done other things though, and yet I don’t have an addictive personality, so I’ve never had a problem walking away. I’m not a big drinker either, I have a weak stomach, so excessive alcohol just makes me throw up and gives me a headache. I’ll pass on that. I’d rather smoke a joint, personally. But with that being said, my views on drugs and alcohol are very much that they should be legal. Being legal doesn’t mean that I advocate for everyone in the world to go out and get high. Legalization just helps rid some of the sneakiness behind drug and alcohol use. Being legal helps weed out the drugs that are laced with lethal ingredients. At least with a legal drug, providing it is labeled the way it should be, you know exactly what you are getting, and dosage can be determined relatively easily. Look at pain pills for example. While pain pills are very much abused and used improperly, if used correctly and under a (good) doctor’s care, chances of overdose are minimal. The problem comes when the pills are gotten illegally and taken in mass quantities above and beyond what the body can handle. Which “gotten illegally” can still be through a doctor, as there are some “bad” doctors out there that won’t monitor the drugs a patient is taking. However, if  a patient is given a month’s supply, and chooses to go above medical advice and take the whole month in one day, that problem falls on the user in my opinion. You were given instructions to take the medication safely and chose not to. A street drug user could be giving themselves the same dose they always take, but because there was something unknown in the drug, it causes them to OD.

I’m really tired of laws and morality being expected to be the same thing. I don’t need a law against killing to make me not kill someone. I know it’s not right and I wouldn’t do it anyway. I feel the same with drugs and alcohol. You know the consequences. There are resources out there if you are feeling like you’re not ok. I firmly believe in informed decision making. I think the side effects of these products should be widely known and people should be able to make those decisions for themselves. As I said, I’ve safely dabbled in things, but I would have preferred if I could have done it without the fear of not knowing what I was getting or how I should take it. Getting advice from other users is terrible, because if they are a regular user and you are new to the game, they may not take that into consideration when they tell you what to do.

I said I’ve never done IV drugs because of the risks, and that is because I’ve been informed. I’ve seen what these things have done to people, and I want no part of that. Some other things I’ve tried seem like they could be a good time and generally they have been. I definitely think it would have been better if I could have chosen the products among tested lots instead of just off of someone I know. I think people should have the freedom of choice and the ability to know and understand the consequences before they do something. Legalization could require a waiver to be signed that states the consequences and lets a person know what could happen before they choose their drug of choice. This way if they make the choice to abuse it, the consequences fall on them. Certainly addiction is a disease, but you don’t have to make the choice to start. People need to learn to be more aware of themselves and their own bodies. That isn’t going to happen by stigmatizing everything.



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