What Would You Really do?

I was out with my grandma the other day, and she decided to buy a Powerball lottery ticket. I’ve been known to dabble in the lottery here and there, but I have pretty realistic expectations. I’m ecstatic if I even manage to get my two dollars back! Grandma kept telling me that if she won she would split the money with me. Now I don’t even know how much the jackpot was up to that day, but most of the jackpots I’ve ever seen advertised for Powerball are way more than enough to split between two people. Now of course Grandma didn’t win (she said she didn’t even get one number! Imagine that…) but it really got me thinking about what I would actually do with a great amount of money if I were to miraculously come into it. Lots of people speculate and talk about how they would run away, or buy a mansion, or quit their job, but how many of these people are serious? It’s easy to speculate when the money isn’t in your hands. I did a lot of thinking and here are the things I came up with that I would do with millions:

-Pay off JT’s car

-Pay off my student loans

-Pay off my credit cards and get rid of 2 of them

-Buy a decent property with a small house, likely in Florida, near the beach

-Donate to a few charities including the humane society and metroparks

-Repay my art museum scholarship money, plus give some extra to help out others, and of course take a few more classes


-Pay off my parent’s car and some of their debt

-Make a decent size donation to the Buddhist temple I belong to

-Travel a bunch

-Take time out to do volunteer projects, since I wouldn’t have to worry about missing my paycheck at work

-Grow my own food, and buy only local and organic when I have to buy

Basically, I’d get myself squared away so I could focus on helping others without having to deplete myself. Right now I do a lot of volunteering, but I struggle because of my work schedule. If I was given all of the money I needed to take care of necessities, I’d be happy to volunteer even more of my time! I wouldn’t want to be selfish. Having the money to actually be able to do more for those in need would be great. I don’t ask for a lot, I don’t want a huge house or fancy things, I just want experiences. I want to feel love and joy, and believe it or not, I want to feel heartbreak too. That’s what life is, feeling everything. If I can feel the burdens of the world around me, it will also feel amazing to lift them wherever I can. Until then, I’ll just have to keep chipping away. Every little bit counts, I just sure would love to be able to do more.





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