Product Reviews!

So I read an article the other day about this guy who wrote a bunch of his favorite companies praising their products and got a bunch of free stuff in return. I thought that idea was pretty neat! Products always have that “Questions or comments?” line on them and I’ve always wondered how many people actually call or write to leave feedback. There are some products that I absolutely love, and while free stuff would be totally awesome, I also just like the idea of letting a company know how much I absolutely adore their products. I think I want to try something similar. Of course I’m not going to write them specifically asking for free stuff, but if some shows up in return, I can’t say I’d be disappointed. I do, however, want to let good companies know when they are doing a great job. I’m going to leave a list of companies here that I intend on writing, and then I’ll keep you all updated on the responses I get!

Homemaker Orange Juice

Pure Leaf Iced Tea


Mighties Kiwi

Bragg Liquid Aminos

Contigo Water Bottles

Dannon Greek Yogurt



Tijuana Flats

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine

Ecos Laundry Detergent

Almond Breeze Almond Milk

Cat Chow

Tidy Cats

Blender Bottle



Scott Toilet Tissue

That should be a good start. If I decide to include any more, I’ll let you in the loop…till then, I’m going to get started writing!




Schmidt’s Naturals did not have a mailing address listed! I did e-mail them and got a nice response back in return! Thanks Schmidt’s!


Turns out Bic also does not have a mailing address…e-mailed them as well…we shall see!


No mailing address for PizzaFire corporate either…really didn’t think I’d run into this problem that often! Who doesn’t like a handwritten letter?! Sheesh.


Tijuana Flats is another e-mail only company, and so is Post-it…but Post-it  has an optional home address box….maybe I’ll get some free samples or coupons????

*****EDIT -5*****

The places that I had to e-mail have all e-mailed me back a nice message at least. PizzaFire even told me about a birthday promotion where you get a free pizza on your birthday with the app. 🙂


PizzaFire just sent me another e-mail offering me two free pizza coupons! Yay!!!


Homemaker Orange Juice’s letter was sent back to me. Something wrong with their address I guess 😦 Purina (Tidy Cats and Cat Chow) sent me 3 coupons, and Scott sent me coupons as well!






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