Beginning of a New Era

So tomorrow is the big day. The United States Presidential Inauguration. I really don’t know how to feel about it. I’m not a Trump supporter, I certainly didn’t vote for him, and I think a lot of his policies are sketchy at best. Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t seem to know when to shut his mouth.

There is so much controversy surrounding the issue, and like I said, I’m just not sure how to feel about it. Trump has clearly said some less than savory things, and I’m not particularly thrilled with some of the people he has added to his cabinet. Might I also add that I didn’t care much for the Democratic ticket either, and I don’t think I’d feel any less on the fence than I do now, even if for different reasons. The problem I have is that it is hard to discern how much of the controversy is caused by Trump himself and how much is just media uproar put out there to divide the American people. At this point I just don’t know. And if our government is supposed to work the way it claims, he won’t be able to do anything too drastic without the people’s approval, right? Although if the people voted him in, it’s possible that they are “drastic” themselves.

Either way, I know all of these protests have been organized and people are in an uproar, but my issue is this: I protest actions, not people. Trump isn’t in the hot seat yet. He can talk all he wants, but I don’t think much of it until it turns to action. Remember when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall? That’s not happening now. Just because he talks doesn’t mean he will do. I’m ready to watch and see. The minute he tries to put some racist law in place or declares unnecessary war, or does something extreme with the budget, I’ll be the first one on the protest lines. Right now, I think we should just sit back and give him a shot. The people spoke, and this is what they wanted. I’m willing to watch and see before I make any rash decisions.

I don’t trust this man, and I’ll be watching him while constantly on high alert. If he tries to do something that I feel is bad for the American people, I will fight. Until then, I’m going to let him be. I’m not celebrating his presidency so to speak, but I’m not boycotting or protesting him either. Let’s see what happens. I wasn’t an Obama supporter either. He did a lot of things that I totally disagreed with, but he also did some things that I supported 100%. At the very least, hopefully Americans will take this as a learning experience and really stand up for the right things. It’s clear to see that our country has hit a point where we are quite divided on what the right things are, but I have hope that we can all come together and make things better for everyone. We don’t need to be so divided. Just because we don’t agree on something doesn’t mean we can’t be compassionate and mind our own business without hurting others. For example, that’s why I’m pro-choice ( I do disagree with late-term and partial birth abortions, however). Personally, I don’t know if I could go through with an abortion. When I look at other people I understand that I don’t know their situation. I don’t know what they are going through, and I certainly don’t know their thought process. I trust them that they know what is best for them. I trust that with the help of their doctor, significant other, family, friends, ect. they can make the right choice for themselves. Being pro-choice doesn’t say I “agree” with abortion or “support” abortion, but I do support the human beings that have to make those decisions. If a person cannot express themselves, eat on their own, breathe on their own, ect. they can appoint a power of attorney to make healthcare decisions (including withdrawing care). I believe that essentially a fetus is in this position. The fetus cannot function on it’s own without the mother’s support, and if she feels it is best for whatever reason to terminate that pregnancy, I’d rather see her do it before the child is born and neglected.  Personally I’d rather see someone make better birth control decisions before pregnancy, but it’s not my call to make once that happens. I don’t have to carry, birth, or raise that child, so it isn’t my call. That’s how I feel about just about any issue. I trust the human beings involved to make the best decision for themselves, and as long as they aren’t infringing on someone else, it isn’t my call to make.

I want the best for this country and it’s people. I don’t think the best thing for this country is to be divided and against each other from the beginning of this era. I think we need to pull together and love each other rather than separating. We can do it. We have the power to overcome adversity together. I want to see the people be strong and raise up the way I know we can. We don’t need violence and hatred, we need love and compassion. I challenge all of you to be compassionate. Go out there and love someone just because. Don’t go protest the inauguration, come together with the hope that our country can achieve something great. We can do it, I believe in us.



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