In Reflection

Considering tomorrow is the last day of 2016, I thought today would be a great day to reflect on this past year. I know a lot of people were disheartened this year and found it to be a rough year. I honestly thought it was one of my best, if not my best year yet. Let’s reflect…

January: I shaved my head in solidarity with childhood cancer patients. I had made it a goal to volunteer at least once a month. I started the year off with a major challenge. I took part in the St. Baldrick’s campaign, raising money for children afflicted by cancer. I faced some opposition, but also quite a lot of praise. I was happy just to do it. I wish I could have raised more money, but more importantly, I got the word out.

February: My next volunteer venture was donating blood, another first for me. I was terrified because I hate needles, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. I’ve even become a fairly regular donor. It’s a great way to help people and makes me feel pretty good.

March: I took my first ever trip to Florida. I drove, and it was glorious. I even went zip lining, despite my fears. I got to swim in the “ocean” (it was really the Gulf of Mexico, I was told, but in my eyes it’s the same thing), got to try a bunch of cool new restaurants, see some new cities, and visit family. What an amazing time.

April: Finally got me a gym membership and started putting it to good use. Admittedly I haven’t actually lost any weight, but I feel better about working on being healthier. Also, I got to see and meet one of my favorite rappers in the world, Spose. And it was on 4/20 of all days…

May: I don’t remember anything life-changing from May, but I don’t remember anything inherently awful either. There’s something to be said for that. I did start attending AAPC meetings regularly (I am a CPC [Certified Professional Coder])

June: I worked a lot in June. I was doing a lot of planning for my upcoming July vacation. The process was tough, but I knew what the rewards would be. Also got a last minute credit line increase from one of my banks. It’s like they knew I needed this vacation.

July: It was my birthday month. I went to see one of my favorite comedians, Tom Segura. I got to meet Tom Segura. Not even a week later, I got to travel a bit. I went to Chicago, I went to Seattle, I went to Portland. Freaking. Oregon. With my best friend. We had a week-long adventure, got to smoke legally, and even got to see Twenty-One Pilots, who just so happen to be from our home state. I got to touch the Pacific Ocean. I even got some shells and sand. Such a great time. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

August: This was a month of recovery. After July’s shenanigans, I needed a month to just chill out and relax. I got just that.

September: Finally got all the bills caught up from my trip and got everything back to where I needed it. That’s always a good feeling. I was able to help my boyfriend get a brand new car. That was exciting.

October: I spent a good portion of this month thinking and planning for my future. Made a decision to apply for a glassblowing class scholarship, and I got it. It was an exciting moment for me knowing that I had the class to look forward to in December and I didn’t have to worry about getting money to pay for it. I also got to see Jerry Seinfeld. Definitely a classic.

November: I got a raise and a fantastic evaluation. No one can argue with that, it was a huge help, especially around the holidays. I also trained to start volunteering at the Humane Society. What a great thing. I get to go snuggle with animals whenever I want. No complaints there.

December: I took that glassblowing class, which was a blast. I got a tooth pulled, which was a first, and a welcome relief. I joined a Buddhist community on Facebook and committed to attending the temple service to bring in the new year. I decided to have sterilization surgery, which went very well, and now I feel less anxious. I’ve been working hard to eat right and be stronger. I have been exercising regularly. I had a great Christmas and was able to give handmade gifts of glass and a painting. I got to make secret-family-recipe caramel corn with my grandma and cousins.

I really don’t have a lot bad to say about this year. Things have been working out well for me. I anticipate that 2017 will continue the trend, mostly because I intend on making it that way. Life is what you make of it. Your outlook determines how your life will go. Make it great. You have the power.




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